Journal Club

Journal Club

There are over 5000 biomedical publications indexed on PUBMED every day, an impossible volume of research for clinicians of any specialty to follow.  Prior research has demonstrated that the average emergency medicine clinician must read 26 articles in the Annals of Emergency Medicine to find one that is practice-changing and ready to use today. 

AGEM Journal Club is a secondary-peer reviewed product that was developed to reduce the “number needed to read” to one and thereby shorten the knowledge-to-action pipeline from decades to less than one year.  The evidence is filtered for quality and then rated for clinical relevance by practicing geriatric emergency physicians around the world just like you. 

The BEEM Rater Tool, the only reliable and valid instrument available to assess clinical relevance, is used as the final filter before disseminating the highest rated research evidence to you in easy-to-read, one-page synopses.  If you want to become an AGEM Journal Club rater, please contact Dr. Ali Southern (


AGEM Journal Club synopses   

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The Synopsis of the Silver Book

Antipsychotic Prescribing & Dementia

Chief Complaint Based Curriculum for Medical Education

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment Metaanalysis

Discharge Planning Reduces Readmissions

Effect of Age & Vital Signs on ED Obs Unit Admission

Effectiveness of Acute Geriatric Unit Care


Frailty and Surgical Mortality

Geriatrician Guided Discharge Care

Hospitalizations for Adverse Drug Events

Injury Type in Undertriaged Elderly

Lift Assist Device Frequency

Prevalence of Asymptomatic Bacteruria

Renal Disorders

Trop T for ACS in Elderly

Two Stage ED Screening Protocol for Palliative Care



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