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What is ICEG

The International Consortium of Emergency Geriatrics (ICEG) is a multi national organization of experts in the field of geriatric emergency care dedicated to improving the care and outcomes of older adults treated in emergency departments (EDs) around the globe.  

We recognize that in multiple countries, ED care processes are not optimized to the needs of frail older patients, and outcomes for older patients treated in EDs are often poor with high rates of medical errors and return to the ED soon after discharge, as well as frequent iatrogenesis. 

We are focused on improving care processes through clinical research in order to define best practices, and inter–disciplinary education in order to disseminate evidence-based practices.

Mission Statement

We organize multi–national resources in order to work towards the following goals:


  • Creation of central repository of definitions of geriatric conditions
  • Identification of consensus instruments to measure geriatric conditions
  • Continual re-evaluation of research priorities and quality indicators for geriatric Emergency Medicine (EM)
  • Development of mock study section for peer-review of geriatric EM-pertinent grants


  • Development of a peer-reviewed journal for geriatric EM relevant research, reviews, and commentaries
  • Identification of model curricula for use in medical schools, graduate medical training programs, and courses for practicing physicians
  • Identification of inter-disciplinary curricula for nurses, case managers and other disciplines central to the care of older patients in the ED
  • Creation and promotion of geriatric emergency medicine educational courses
  • Collaboration with medical education organizations in order to promote the inclusion of geriatric conditions and care considerations in all emergency medicine training curricula


  • Promotion of best practices by identifying innovative approaches around the globe
  • Collaboration towards new models of care for older adults in the ED


Founding Members

Jay Banerjee

Matthew Cooke

Judy Lowthian

Peter Cameron

Don Melady
Kevin Biese

Chris Carpenter
Foo Chik Loon